Diane Fox, Owner, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Diane Fox

Diane Fox, BC-HIS, COHC, Owner

Diane understands. She has been in the hearing care industry since the early 1990’s and truly connects with her clients in a special way. She is hearing impaired and wears amplification so she understands the struggles of the hearing-impaired and that hearing aids are just the first step to better quality of life.  She ensures that her clients have the confidence and competence to be successful along their hearing journey. Diane is an avid Seahawks fan, loves to volunteer with her Mount Vernon Kiwanis Club and enjoys spending time with family, and her 2 fur babies, Armi and Max. 


Armi & Max

Armi has been the co-owner since 2010 when she first came on the scene as a puppy. Her hobbies include begging for treats, playing volley-balloon and growling at the Fed Ex driver. She believes that everyone is both a source for snackies and a human petting machine.

Max is our newest addition in fur babies, joining us in August of 2015. His size is deceiving, he’s a lap pup and just wants a hug. He enjoys talking, harassing Armi and chasing squirrels. He also enjoys eating the building when left to his own devices.